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OPTIX ZiR-100 - Thermal Imaging Attachment

Z-IR 100 Clip-On Thermal Device can be used as a hand-held or weapon-mounted system for observation, target detection or passive target acquisition during day and night in variety of environment conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke, total darkness. Z-IR 100 is an outstanding thermal imager with a great number of functions and perfect optical performance.

The sophisticated design of the Z-IR 100 Clip-On Thermal Device eliminates the need to remove the day sighting equipment since the Z-IR 100 mounts directly in line with a standard day optical sight.
Such a combination allows the operator to avoid re-zeroing the rifle every time the sight set up is changed, since the primary sight remains undisturbed. The point of impact remains the same no matter how often or how many times the clip-on is mounted.

Capable of detecting a human thermal image at 3.6km and a vehicle at 7km the Z-IR 100 is a superb device providing superb detection capability in a very cost-effective unit.

If you wish to evaluate this device please use the contact sheet or call us.

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