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  • System for left- and right handed shooters

  • Modular

  • Switch barrel system

  • Steel bolt linear bearing guided

  • Stageless adjustable monopod

The X5 like other rifles in the group is equipped with a switch barrel system. The rifle and the bolt head are modular like the other precision rifles of this system. Our rifles M2/X3/X4 and X5 are basically one unit of interchangeability. The weapon is backwards compatible to X3, which means the magazines of the X3 are interchangeable with the magazines from the X5 once combined with the adapter. The trigger parts are interchangeable with the other models of the system group. The assemblies for the butt stock can be combined with M2 and X3.

The new height adjustable butt stock has an integrated monopod, which can be extended with a wheel adjustment. It can be used either as right- or left folding stock.

The system is suitable for right-handed shooters, as well as for left-handed shooters. It can be set modularly for a right- or left ejection of the cartridges. The bolt handle can be easily mounted on the left- or on the right side, so that a real left/right system is realized.

The rifle is equipped with a linear bearing guided steel bolt, as otherwise known from artillery guns. The bolt is therefore unaffected by environmental influences.

IMPORTANT - The X5 has an automatic firing pin safety. That means, a shot can only be fired when the chamber is 100% locked.

Climatic tests in Arctic cold to the tropics are performed. The X5 is an enhancement of the already high standard of the X3.

Please use the contact us form below to ask about this superb long range rifle.  Equally the rifle can be supplied in .460 STEYR 

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