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Shipping Policy

Hammer-Pair typically does not carry stock and all orders are placed either with distributors or manufacturers once the client order has been placed.  As certain items are supplied from the USA, Canada and Europe it can sometimes take several weeks to received those goods in the UK.  Hammer-Pair will look to keep all of its clients informed during that process as to where their goods are.


All goods remain the property of Hammer-Pair until they are paid for in full by the customer.  No rifles will be shipped directly to customers and all Firearms Certificates (FAC) must be inspected in person by Hammer-Pair staff before rifles can be ordered.  Rifles may be couriered to a local Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) who can then sign that rifle onto the customer's FAC.  Administrative & shipping charges will apply for this service.

For many items sourced from the USA, Hammer-Pair has agreed warehouse terms with State Dept. and is there able to ship across the EU member states

Return & Exchange Policy

As goods are typically sourced to order Hammer-Pair cannot offer any refunds, returns or exchanges on items unless they are faulty or damaged.  If items are faulty or damaged they will be returned to the manufacturer for like for like replacement.  If during the course of the ordering process it becomes clear that the items cannot be sourced due to unreasonable delay (in excess of 12 months),  Hammer-Pair will refund any monies paid.


For certain specialist or custom items ordered from the USA specific ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) may need to be sought.  If this is the case the customer will be informed and an additional fee of the ITAR application will be charged.  Typically only the ITAR is charged to begin with until it os confirmed at which point the main order can be placed knowing the ITAR is agreed. 

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