triebel dies

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

You may have the best rifle and optics, but if you're shooting sub-standard ammunition you won't get the best out of them.

Hammer Pair has sourced some of the finest engineered high quality reloading components to ensure you have no weak links.  We source reloading dies from Triebel Gun Tools in Germany who produce precision engineered neck-sizing, full length sizers, bullet-seating and bench rest dies across a huge range of calibres.  The theme of precision engineering continues into the reloading press where we have partnered with Turban CNC and their Prazipress range.  Again based in Germany so shipping is easy as with the reloading dies.

Finally we have partnered with Adam McDonald as his AutoTrickler and AutoThrow systems.  Built around precision lab scales, taht we source locally in the UK, Hammer Pair will configure scales and AutoThrow, AutoTrickler systems to offer 2 to 3 decimal place accuracy on powder measurement dependent on scales.


Triebel Reloading Dies

tribel dies

High-quality reloading dies for almost all calibers up to 25mm. Customized solutions can help in the production of your match ammunition.  Manufactured exclusively in Germany

Turban Prazipress

turban praezipress

High  Precision reloading presses made in Germany.  Features the Prazipress, the 120, the Heavy 140 and the NEW 150



The AutoTrickler powder dispensing system is the perfect combination of accuracy, speed, and automation. Whether you are a casual reloader or competitive long range shooter, the AutoTrickler will help you shrink your groups at long range and turn one of the most tedious reloading tasks into an enjoyable one.