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Heavy Präzipress 150 mm

Due to multiple customer requests, Turban now offer the well-known and popular Heavy Präzipress with a further enlarged press window and press stroke. With this, very large cartridges beyond the .50BMG can be loaded with the usual precision and stability (here 14.5 mm x 114 mm).

The press window has a height of 170 mm, the usable press stroke is 150 mm. In addition to the standard head plate with 1-1/2 – 12 UNF thread (incl. reduction bushings to 1 1/4 – 12 UNF and 7/8 – 14 UNF) it offers an optional interchangeable head plate with 2 – 12 UNF thread for the use of 2 inch dies.

The receptacle for sleeve holders with threaded socket in the punch is 7/8 – 14 UNF. An adapter for standard sleeve holders is included in the delivery. Sleeve holders with threaded base can be manufactured for any desired caliber against fixed order.

Press is 1150,- GBP

Interchangeable head plate 2 – 12 UNF 135,- GBP

Sleeve holder with 7/8 – 14 UNF threaded base, caliber according to customer’s request 105,- GBP

Please call or email for special requests.  Mount shown in picture not included.

Prazipress Heavy 150

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