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Product information "Holosun PRIMARY-ARMS-1-8X-SFP-ACSS"

The first Scope with ACSS-reticle von Primary Arms is now available at HOLOSUN.

The PRIMARY ARMS PA1-8X24SFP-ACSS-5.56 riflescope has the patented ACSS reticle with trajectory compensation for predefined deployment distances using standardized bullet weights, lead marks for side wind drift compensation, and shooting at moving targets, all in one extreme intuitive and user-friendly system. The reticle in the second image plane is easy to use and maintains the same size for all magnification settings. In order to take full advantage of the power spectrum, they should use the scope at the highest magnification level, as it can fully exploit its unique advantages. With this optics, you can address targets up to 300 m extremely quickly and intuitively, without any adjustment on the side or height adjustment tower. Accurate and repeatable hits are possible up to a distance of 800 m. The brightness control on the left side of the 30 mm center tube illuminates the crosshair with a total of 12 freely selectable brightness settings. With the included CR2032 battery you can illuminate the reticle for thousands of hours. A spare battery is at hand and always in the protective cap of the Seitenverstellturms. Constructed from high-quality 6063 aluminum with abrasion-resistant, durable, hard-anodized, matt-black surface and completely multi-coated and