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Our glass falls into two categories.

The first is Optics for the long range shooter.  We have partnered with Tangent Theta out of Canada and their superb telescopic sights.  Available in a choice of magnification or reticle these scopes often finish top of many an independent review.  By far their most important feature to the ELR shooter, as well as superb image quality of course, is the accuracy of the scopes elevation and windage clicks.  On may scopes the number of clicks denoted by your ballistic software doesn't always translate to the same number of clicks on the actual scope.  Not so with Tangent Theta.  A superb quality assurance programme ensures accuracy up and down the ladder.

The second string to our Optics bow is that of CQM or Close Quarter Marksmanship.  Here Hammer Pair has partnered with Holosun, a European based manufacturer that offers red dot and reflex sights for both rifle and pistol.  Superb quality and he ability to be solar powered set the Holosun range apart.


Tangent Theta

Tangent Theta TT525P

TT525P.  Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm model TT525P Rifle Telescope is an extreme-range precision sighting instrument for professional marksmen.

Tangent Theta TT315P

TT315P.  Tangent Theta 3-15x50mm model TT315P Rifle Telescope is a long-range precision sighting instrument for professional marksmen.


Holosun Elite
Holosun Micro
Holosun Open Reflex
Holosun 1-8x24 Scope
Holosun Magifiers
Holosun Lasers

Elite Series.  The new HOLOSUN® ELITE models combine all the features that require robust, resistant military-based sights: With green or golden reticles and housings made of durable hard aluminum/titanium, you are at the head of the class. We also give you a 10-year warranty on the light source. HOLOSUN® ELITE is the perfect series for everyone who wants more.

Micro Reflex Sights.  The Micro Red Dot sights from HOLOSUN® with a lens diameter of 20 mm are characterized by a compact design and low weight. The Micros are suited for use on shotguns, (air) rifles, pistols and crossbows.

Open Reflex Sights.  The open-reflex sights, including the minis for pistols/handguns or shotguns, convince with a minimalistic design and a large lens that allow you an unrestricted view at all times.

Scopes.  The 1-8X24 Holosun scope with Primary Arms ACSS® (Advanced Combined Sighting System) reticles in the second focal plane

Magnifiers.  With the HOLOSUN® magnification modules or magnifiers you can now address your target perfectly even at medium distances. The large, clear front lens makes it possible; the fold-away design allows you to always remain flexible.

Laser Designators and illumination.  A range of both visible and IR laser designators and illuminators for military and law enforcement only.

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