ELR Rifles

ELR Rifles

Over the last few years the sport of Extreme Long Range rifle shooting has taken off.  Competitions such as the King of 2 Miles, Ko2M, now occur not only in the US but also now in Europe.

Equally military and law enforcement shooters participate and learn from the load development and technical progress that the civilian target shooting community can provide.

At Hammer-Pair we have been actively shooting ELR for a number of years specialising in the calibres of .338 and above specifcially .375 and .408 Cheytac.  


Our goal is to provide the cream of the current crop of tactical off-the-shelf rifles that meet the high demands of ELR.   Currently that means for ELR we have standardised on the rifles from Voere, in Austria, the X3 and the X4.  These truely are superb rifles.  To find our more please click on the respective links below.

Under UK Firearms Law all firearms transactions must be conducted on a face to face basis with the purchaser requiring the pre-requisite authorisation to possess the firearm calibre that they are interested in purchasing.  A physical check will need to take place of your FAC to ensure everthing is correct prior to any rifles being ordered and to ensure any delivery timelines fall within expiry dates.  All rifles will be delivered in person or to your local RFD only.

Voere X3
Voere X4
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Voere X5

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