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Section 5 Weapons

Hammer Pair is an approved Home Office dealer in prohibited weapons and ammunition including pistols, semi and fully automatic weapons.  We are the UK distributor for IWI, Battle Arms Development and Viking Armaments rifles.  

IWI offer a huge range across pistols, rifles and on into light machine guns such as the Negev.  Tried and tested these superb weapons offer reliability, functionality and ergonomic designs.  Rifles include the Tavor and X95 range of 9mm, 5.56mm, 300BLK and 7.62mm rifles.

Battle Arms Development is a US based manufacturer offering performance AR15 and AR10 platform rifles.  Models range from the entry level Workhorsein 5.56mm up to the Xyston, a precision AR10 marksman rifle

Viking Armaments is also US based offering covert designs such as the Loki, an equivalent of the Rattler or Honey Badger but with a unique bayonet switch barrel capability which sets it apart.  if your operational demands require 300BLK its an easy twist and lock to switch out the 5.56mm barrel and click in the 300BLK


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