Hammer Pair is delighted to have teamed up with some of the premier names in reloading to bring its customers the very best of equipment.

As with all of the equipment we offer we use this kit on a daily basis so happy to recommend it.

For reloading presses we have teamed up with Michael Turban at Turban CNC to offer the superb Präzipress range.  The original Präzipress for up to .338 Lapua, the Präzipress 120 with 3 guiding pillars for also upto .338 Lapua and the Präzipress 140 for up to 50 BMG including all the principle ELR cartridges such as 375 Cheytac.

For reloading dies we have partnered with Michael Triebel, again a German company so our customers can benefit from their superb engineering.

In addition to these two superbly engineered German products we have also teamed up with the best from the USA and Canada.

InLine Fabrication produce an innovative high quality line of products that help organise the reloader's workshop by allowing for quick change plates for each of your presses and other equipment such as vices or drills.  

From Canada we offer the AutoTrickler V3 system.  Known to many of the finest F class shooters already the AutoTrickler V3 combines an AutoThow to speed up the reloading process with the fine AutoTrickler V3 system to ensure proven accuracy.  Hammer Pair has partnered with Oakley Weigh here in the UK to provide the precision scales that the AutoTrickler V3 has been designed for providing UK precision shooters with a one-stop shop

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