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Capability Enhancement

Even the finest of equipment can be enhanced to suit your operational or personal needs.  As can your own capabilities.

MantisX is a small, light, yet hugely insightful training device that helps improve trigger control.  Models such as the X3 and X10 analyse the 200ms prior to the pull of the trigger on any weapon and instantly gives feedback via the iOS or Anroid app as to what any error was and how to correct it.  In use with militaries all over the world they can be used dry or live fire.

Inforce weapon mounted lights offer both pistol and rifle variants providing lightning fast activation for postive target identification.  Visible and IR illumination in lightweight polymer  with integrated rail mounts Inforce WML will enhance your night capabilities.

BipodeXt allows the shooter to extend the fulcrum point of the bipod forward thus enabling a much more stable firing platform.  Its principles are born out of pure physics but its applied practicalities are outstanding results.  



Mantis X10

Described as the most reliable "nitpicking" range partner you can have the Mantis range of trigger trainers will improve your shooting.    Usable in dry or live fire mode or on air pistols

Inforce WML

Inforce WML

Rifle, carbine and pistol weapon mounted lights across the visible and IR spectrum



Redefining the ELR experience allowing the fulcrum point to move beyond the barrel and hugely stabalising the shooting platform

Range Equipment

Magnetospeed Chrongraph

Equipment for the range including target hit indicators and chrongraphs

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