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About Us

Hammer Pair Performance is dedicated to the pursuit of precision marksmanship.

Owned and run by active shooters its mission is to provide the best equipment available on the market today having been used in real world conditions.

Formed over 8 years ago in the UK its customers are both civilian,  military  and police.  Be it improving civilian marksmanship or battlefield lethality Hammer Pair looks to provide enhanced, durable and innovative solutions.


Hammer-Pair is a small specialist organisation dedicated to the advancement of Extreme Long Range Precision shooting.

It caters for civilian sports shooters as well as specialist military and police units who demand the best of their equipment.

Those involved in Hammer Pair have shot for many years and specifically in extreme long range, specialising in calibre such as .375 and .408 Cheytac.  

Not content with just offering the best rifles that we have personally shot, and in many cases still do shoot, the company has also looked to offer the very best in additional equipment to maximise your long range capability.

This includes laser rangefinders from Vectronix, carbon fibre tripods from Crux Ordnance and ballistic computers and tables from Brian Litz and Kestrel.

As well as rifles and equipment the company also offers ballistic analysis and testing capability to military and police clients.


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